Coming to PC August 29, 2024
Consoles Coming Fall 2024

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Meet the Developers

Growing up playing video games together, Dan and Scott have always dreamed of creating their own indie games. Dan is a professional animator, which gave him a helpful foundation when he decided to create his first game in 2017. Dan has been creating new game concepts for his next game ever since and in 2022, development for Squirrel with a Gun officially began.

Squirrel with a Gun took the internet by storm in early August 2022 and two new members were added to the team, Scott and Beem. Being a professional musician and avid gamer, Scott is composing the music and doing level design. Beem is in charge of marketing and Public Relations.

Squirrel Dan
Human Dan

Dan DeEntremont

Lead Developer / Game Design

Squirrel Scott
Human Scott

Scott DeEntremont

Level Design / Music Composer

Squirrel Kensika
Human Kensika

Kensika Moolnoy-DeEntremont

Marketing / Public Relations